Tube Station Closed near Magdalen Estate

fire services were on call near Magdalen EstateA tube station local to the Magdalen Estate was evacuated last Friday, after fears that passengers were being exposed to harmful gasses leaking inside the tunnels and on the platforms.
Tooting Broadway, which for many serves as a place to hop onto the Northern Line after taking a bus from Wandsworth, was closed at 1pm after station staff were concerned about smelling gas on the station concourse, The London Fire Brigade were ready for action, sending fourteen specialist units to deal with the potentially very dangerous incident. After some time, during which traffic around the station was severely disrupted and crew wearing chemical suits had been investigating underground, the fire fighters announced that the smell was in fact coming from sewers beneath the tunnel, after a manhole in the station had been dislodged. The crew added that it was best in these situations to be over-cautious, particularly when members of the public were involved.
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Bert Naughton

Bert Naughton

A local resident of Wandsworth with an interested in the local community and a mission to explain to all and sundry the correct pronunciation of Magdalen (as in the college).

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