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A History of Wandsworth Common

Whilst we, the good people of the Magdalen Estate, spend many a happy day enjoying the space and facilities that Wandsworth Common provides for us, we are blissfully unaware of the huge amount of history that surrounds it, that has shaped the common we can all appreciate today. Way back in the 11th Century, Wandsworth […]

Rainy Days on the Magdalen Estate

We all know how rainy days have the knack of  making you feel like there’s nothing fun to do, anywhere, ever. However, being locals of the Magdalen Estate, we know that’s not the case, particularly with so many original and fun things available at our disposal. So, if you’re stuck indoors, why not head out […]
Wandsworth Common Panoramic

Mark Anderson Image of Wandsworth Common

One of  our favourites from the stalls on Northcote Road – Mark Anderson of Photo Arte – who runs a thriving photography business has very kindly donated an image for our property page section.