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Volunteer Around the Magdalen Estate

Volunteering: it’s a great way to find new friends with whom you already have something in common, make a difference to your local community, and to learn new skills whilst being exposed to something which you may have never experienced previously. Across Wandsworth, including the areas around the Magdalen Estate there are several organisations that […]

Dog Walking Services around Magdalen Estate

Having a dog as a pet is a wonderful thing, particularly if you have a young family; exposing children to animals adds something special to the growing-up experience, and living on the Magdalen Estate, within an easy distance of Wandsworth and Tooting Commons, means that walk time is never a chore. However, with so many […]

A History of Tooting Common

With two lovely commons so close by to the Magdalen Estate, one could say that people who live around the area are spoilt for choice as to where to enjoy beautiful, green open spaces. In this week’s Magdalen Estate blog, we thought we’d enlighten you, dear reader, as to some of the history surrounding Tooting […]

Parent and Baby Activities around Magdalen Estate

There’s nothing like having a little one around the house, and enjoying having a new addition to the family. As with many areas of the London, the Magdalen Estate offers a safe and attractive environment for children to grow up in, as well as a host of activities to keep them occupied and stimulated. The […]

Transport Links from Magdalen Estate

Although the Magdalen Estate is situated in a lovely, calm, quiet and serene area of South London, it is by no means isolated or cut off from great transport links, which can take you anywhere you want to go. At the bottom of Magdalen Road itself, just around the corner of Garratt Lane, Earlsfield train […]

Find work around the Magdalen Estate

If you’ve recently moved into the Magdalen Estate area, you may well be looking for work, which can be a daunting prospect, particularly in this time of financial difficulty. Knowing where to begin your search can really help, so this week we give you a few tips on places that you may want to start. […]

Finding a Gift around Magdalen Estate

The process of sourcing and acquiring the perfect birthday/engagement/Christmas/any-other-occasion-you’d-care-to-mention gift for someone you love, particularly if they’re ‘difficult to buy for’, can be something of a stressful experience. Not for those who live around the Magdalen Estate, however, in the near vicinity of which there are a whole host of shops that are sure to […]

Free Stuff Around the Magdalen Estate

Imagine this: a world where people gave away things that they didn’t want or need any longer, to people who would have a use for them, on the condition that the item could be collected. Everyone’s happy: the giver has been rid of the unwanted article, and the receiver gets something for nothing, possibly something […]

Summer fun around Magdalen Estate

With the summer months now in full swing, and with everyone across the UK- not just those living in and around the Magdalen Estate-hoping for beautiful weather for the entirety of the season, there is a greater demand for activities that allow for making the most of the great outdoors. In close vicinity to the […]

Keeping Fit Around the Magdalen Estate

There are lots of reasons for us to be keen to rile up the residents of the Magdalen Estate, and encourage everyone to get fit for summer. Not only does doing more exercise give you more energy and help build up a sense of well-being, but with so many great sporting options in the local […]