Putney Locals help Homeless Artist

Jack lived on the streets near the Magdalen EstateFor many selfless people living in the Magdalen Estate and surrounding areas, helping others, giving back to the community and aiding those perhaps less fortunate in their circumstances as themselves, is nothing more than what they feel is right.
One such woman, Putney resident Hazel Econs, started an internet campaign to help a young artist living on the streets get his life back on track, into accommodation, and onto an art college course to help his fulfil his creative potential.
Ms Econs first met 24-year old Jack Barham when she was taking her dog to the vet, and was shocked at how young Mr Barham was- the same age as her own son. Since this first meeting, Hazel and her close friends, family and other members of the community have clubbed together to put Jack into a hostel in Kings Cross, and have raised funds to credit a mobile phone and top up his oyster card so he can make contact with people and travel to appointments. At the time of writing, searches were being made to find Mr Barham a permanent residence, and to help him with organising art college selection interviews and a work portfolio.
If you know of others doing great community work in the Magdalen Estate area and in other parts of the Wandsworth borough, please do get in touch and let us know, and we’d be delighted to feature them in our blog.
Bert Naughton

Bert Naughton

A local resident of Wandsworth with an interested in the local community and a mission to explain to all and sundry the correct pronunciation of Magdalen (as in the college).

One Response to Putney Locals help Homeless Artist

  1. Heather Horder Heather Horder says:


    A friend of mine living in London alerted me of the story of 24 year old artist Jack Barham. We do hope that his situation is resolved but I know that we can help should he or other homeless artisans need time to rejuvinate.

    We have a property in the Lake district, Cumbria that runs as a creative community.
    We have place for 2 more new members.

    Our previous members found being in the countryside, surrounded by like minded people extremely therapeutic, uplifting and inspiring. We are looking for people who are basically good souls, people who will value a home where they can walk out of the door into countryside, and share space respectfully.

    The house has 8 bedrooms, 2 large living rooms, kitchen/diner, two yard areas, one just waiting for some green fingers to grow some veg, an outhouse ideal for chickens and a garage currently used as a gym. There is a huge area upstairs that we be used as a music/ practice area.

    Rent is kept low, between £250 and £350pcm plus a contribution towards the gas and electric meters, and we do accept contributions from the DSS.

    If you think this may interest some of your service users, then please get in touch, if not then thank you for your consideration.

    Many thanks


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