A History of Wandsworth Common

Whilst we, the good people of the Magdalen Estate, spend many a happy day enjoying the space and facilities that Wandsworth Common provides for us, we are blissfully unaware of the huge amount of history that surrounds it, that has shaped the common we can all appreciate today. Way back in the 11th Century, Wandsworth […]

Lyford Road by Charles Voysey

A favourite of ours – and a featured property for today is a rare and special detached villa, designed by the world famous Arts and Crafts master architect Charles Voysey in 1903. Apart from rumours of Sophie Dahl we don’t know much about the owners but walk past in awe and jealousy most weekends. The […]

Rainy Days on the Magdalen Estate

We all know how rainy days have the knack of  making you feel like there’s nothing fun to do, anywhere, ever. However, being locals of the Magdalen Estate, we know that’s not the case, particularly with so many original and fun things available at our disposal. So, if you’re stuck indoors, why not head out […]

Royal Wedding Street Party – Collamore Avenue

The Royal Wedding/May Day Street party on Collamore Avenue. With compliments to the organising committee.

Wandsworth Tackle Neighbours from Hell

For those that live in and around the Magdalen Estate area, being such a civilised and homely community that it is, dealing with tricky neighbours is a very rarely something that has to be considered. Some other Wandsworth residents, however, are dealing with serious problems in this area. Cabinet member for housing, Guy Senior, has […]

A Good Night Out in Wandsworth

Let’s face it, sometimes there’s nothing better than leaving the kids in the capable hands of a trusted babysitter, getting out the house for a night with your significant other/best girl friends/the lads, and seeing all the great (and often inexpensive) entertainment that the Magdalen Estate and surrounding areas have to offer. Venturing into Balham- […]

Putney Locals help Homeless Artist

For many selfless people living in the Magdalen Estate and surrounding areas, helping others, giving back to the community and aiding those perhaps less fortunate in their circumstances as themselves, is nothing more than what they feel is right. One such woman, Putney resident Hazel Econs, started an internet campaign to help a young artist […]

Praise for St George’s Training

St George’s, the nearest hospital to the Magdalen Estate and one of the most celebrated medical teaching institutions in the country, has received praise for a new training initiative that trauma staff are being able to make full use of. Having recently received an education grant following a successful Simulation and Technology-enhanced Learning Initiative bid, […]

Calling Young Chefs from the Magdalen Estate!

For young people from the Magdalen Estate with a talent for creating masterpieces in the kitchen, 2011 may be the year that they get to shine- by entering CookIt! 2011, the children’s cookery competition established and run by The Guild of Food Writers and which is supported by Gold Top milk. Last year’s winner, 13-year […]

New Fire Brigade Initiative in Wandsworth

A new scheme run by London Fire Brigade, to help promote fire safety and educate people with disabilities in how to deal with emergency situations, has been trialled in Wandsworth, and is now set to be rolled out across the capital. Having entered into a formal agreement with Leonard Cheshire Disability, a charity that provides […]