Bookworms of The Magdalen Estate

One of the greatest joys of a rainy day is being able to snuggle in the warmth with a good book, found at your local library, borrowed free of charge, and then reused by other lovers of literature. With Wandsworth boasting a whole host of libraries local to the Magdalen Estate– Earlsfield, Northcote Road, Balham […]

London Ambulance Service Searches for Volunteers

Thousands of people across London, including those who live in Wandsworth and around the Magdalen Estate area, are involved in volunteering; giving up their free time for the benefit of others, to gain new skills and make life-long friends whilst doing so. For those still looking to get started in helping out in their local […]

Volunteer Around the Magdalen Estate

Volunteering: it’s a great way to find new friends with whom you already have something in common, make a difference to your local community, and to learn new skills whilst being exposed to something which you may have never experienced previously. Across Wandsworth, including the areas around the Magdalen Estate there are several organisations that […]

Save Wandworth MOL

Springfield hospital has appealed the decision by the council to reject their planning application for their massive housing development and it has come to light that the part of Wandsworth common at the top of Burntwood lane and Trinity Road will be lost to allow for the additional traffic development. Please sign the e-petition and help us […]

Dog Walking Services around Magdalen Estate

Having a dog as a pet is a wonderful thing, particularly if you have a young family; exposing children to animals adds something special to the growing-up experience, and living on the Magdalen Estate, within an easy distance of Wandsworth and Tooting Commons, means that walk time is never a chore. However, with so many […]

Parking around the Magdalen Estate

Parking in and around the Magdalen Estate can often be a confusing and frustrating experience, particularly with so many different signs, rules and regulations applying to individual roads. Wandsworth Council now have a comprehensive map available on their website, for members of the public to look at, and to work out where they may be […]

A History of Tooting Common

With two lovely commons so close by to the Magdalen Estate, one could say that people who live around the area are spoilt for choice as to where to enjoy beautiful, green open spaces. In this week’s Magdalen Estate blog, we thought we’d enlighten you, dear reader, as to some of the history surrounding Tooting […]

Parent and Baby Activities around Magdalen Estate

There’s nothing like having a little one around the house, and enjoying having a new addition to the family. As with many areas of the London, the Magdalen Estate offers a safe and attractive environment for children to grow up in, as well as a host of activities to keep them occupied and stimulated. The […]

Springfield Hospital Development Stage 31 (or so)

A letter from the Neighbours of Springfield – Please act Springfield have started their appeal process – we only have until September 1st to act Hello Neighbours, This newsletter is to inform you that Springfield have officially lodged their appeal over the planning application refusal on the hospital grounds, and we only have 3 weeks […]

Transport Links from Magdalen Estate

Although the Magdalen Estate is situated in a lovely, calm, quiet and serene area of South London, it is by no means isolated or cut off from great transport links, which can take you anywhere you want to go. At the bottom of Magdalen Road itself, just around the corner of Garratt Lane, Earlsfield train […]