Grow your Own on the Magdalen Estate

Magdalen Estate is home to great allotmentsIn a time funds being cut across the country, all across the board, as well as of increasing prices of food and other essentials, it’s not surprising that residents in and around the Magdalen Estate are looking for ways in which to save the pennies. Cutting down on spending, particularly on groceries, can seem like something of an impossibility…but a solution may be (literally) closer than you think.
Situated on Fieldview, just up the road from Beatrix Potter Primary School and next door to Spencer Club, is a plot of allotments that are free of charge for local residents to use, and to grow whatever they so choose.
Balham resident John Carmichael speaks of how having an allotment has changed the way he thinks about organic produce, and how he has begun to introduce the whole family in his hobby;
“Not only is it incredibly satisfying to grow your own vegetables, but once you get into the whole organic way of doing things, then there really is no alternative. We’re growing strawberries, courgettes, tomatoes, and a whole host of other delicious veg. My two-year old grandson even has his own mini allotment on one of our plots, and I love spending time with him down there, doing the watering and getting some fresh air”.
For more information about getting on the waiting list for one of the Beatrix Potter allotment plots, Wandsworth Council are the right people to speak to; their contact details can be found on their website. Let’s get the Magdalen Estate digging for victory (and home-grown potatoes).
Bert Naughton

Bert Naughton

A local resident of Wandsworth with an interested in the local community and a mission to explain to all and sundry the correct pronunciation of Magdalen (as in the college).

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