Ellerton Road Traffic Petition

Magdalen Estate is putting together a petition to complain as one against the proposed traffic changes around the Magdalen Estate – known as the Ellerton Road Calming measures. We are looking to represent the interests of the Magdalen Estate as well as the Openview and Fieldview estates. Working together against the councils plans

In the short term register your interest by emailing magdalenpetition@gmail.com and read the articles below. You can comment on the articles or continue the debate on our facebook page – www.facebook.com/magdalenestate.



Wandsworth Council propose the introduction of various measures to include restrictions on the ability of all vehicles to :-

1) turn left from  Magdalen Road into  Lyford, Multon, Titchwell, Ellerton, Tilehurst  Roads, Fieldview and Openview at evening rush hour periods;

2) turn right from Burntwood Lane into Ellerton Road and Tilehurst Roads, Fieldview and Openview  during morning rush hour periods;

3) pass down Collamore Avenue into Burntwood Close at any time by introducing a “No Entry” sign;

4) pass down Lyford Road from Magdalen Road at any time by introducing a “No Entry” sign.

In addition, it is proposed to introduce a width restriction in Ellerton Road to prevent the passage of large vehicles at all times

You are invited to a meeting at BEATRIX POTTER SCHOOL ON TUESDAY 2nd OCTOBER AT 8 PM  to address local councillors.

This is not a trial – it is proposed as a permanent measure. The council will have to install over 30 new street signs at a huge cost and they will not want to rip them out again afterwards even if it is discovered that the scheme will not work. Of the 36 streets in the Magdalen Estate, this proposal will impact upon almost all to include:-

  • traffic displacement to existing quieter streets
  • increased risk of accidents, especially near the 3 schools in the area- existing “Hot Spots”
  • increased levels of pollution due to traffic queuing for longer periods and
  • increased length of journeys for residents trying to access and leave the area

The scheme has a number of critical flaws that residents in Ellerton Road have probably not considered as, quite understandably, they would welcome any measures taken to reduce traffic levels.

The impact of the scheme on surrounding roads within the Magdalen Estate are considerable.

  1. The proposals will divert traffic into already congested and narrower streets to the west of the area (that do not benefit from partial off street parking as Ellerton does), namely Dawnay Road, Swaby Road, Tranmere Road and the seven other streets adjacent.
  2. The impact of the displacement of this traffic will increase the likelihood of serious road traffic accidents particularly where children from three local schools, Earlsfield Primary, Beatrix Potter Primary and Burntwood Secondary School, are dropped off and collected and will increase the potential for RTA’s involving children.
  3. The proposed controls will, in the evening rush hour period, necessitate local residents in a total of 19 streets on the Magdalen Estate turning right off Trinity Road (a Red Route) into Routh Road instead of the wider junction of Magdalen Road in order to access their homes. “Rat Runners” will soon realise that they also can take this route in the evening to access Ellerton Road in order to reach Burntwood Lane. So residents in the lower ¾ of Ellerton will not see any decrease in traffic at the busiest time. In fact the volume of traffic using Routh Road and Loxley Road in the evening could as a result, be higher than that currently experienced by residents in Ellerton Road as they will have local residents as well as “rat runners” using Routh Road to get home. This fundamentally undermines the scheme.
  4. Traffic, queues and delays on the red route will increase, with motorcycles overtaking the additional queue of vehicles waiting in Trinity Road to turn right into Routh Road increasing the risk of RTA’s.
  5. Further controls of traffic entering Routh Road/Loxley Road in the evenings would not be possible as they would block off access to the area as a whole given the proposal’s design.
  6. The inability to turn left off Magdalen Road into the Magdalen Estate during rush hour periods will force local residents and other vehicles wishing to access these roads, to use Swaby and Tranmere Roads then Burntwood Lane, then Ellerton Road, adding to journey times and pollution, increasing the risk of accidents and damage to vehicles in these narrower roads and adding up to a mile to their journey.
  7. To avoid long and time consuming detours, residents and existing “rat runners” may undertake dangerous U-turns on Burntwood Lane and Magdalen Road. This undermines the scheme.
  8. All residents in Ellerton Road should have been aware of the traffic situation when moving there The Council’s traffic census conducted in 2011 showed a 7.5% reduction in the number of vehicles using Ellerton Road at peak volume in the morning and 18% reduction in the evening peak volume, compared to 2004. The need for the scheme, given its impact upon surrounding streets and the costs of implementing and policing it, is therefore questionable as it will bring little benefit to a few but massive disruption, inconvenience, loss of amenity, increased risk of accidents and additional cost to the far greater majority in 36 streets.
  9. The proposals will inevitably result in residents of Routh, Loxley, Tranmere, Swaby and Dawnay Roads, demanding that further costly traffic management measures are taken to offset the displacement impact of this scheme.  Similar measures here would then make the whole area inaccessible. The scheme is disastrous for the area as a whole.
  10. Extensive queues of vehicles that would otherwise filter through the Magdalen Estate will form  at the traffic lights at junctions on Burntwood Lane/Trinity Road and Garrett Lane/Magdalen Road. Access onto these roads will take longer, be more dangerous and difficult and journey times in the area will increase, as will pollution levels, contrary to Wandsworth Council’s stated policy of reducing carbon footprints.
  11. The width restriction in Ellerton Road will force large commercial vehicles into other less suitable roads in the area, will hinder and delay emergency services response vehicles and will hinder refuse collection services.

For the above reasons you are asked to record your objection to all the proposals by signing the petition that will soon be reaching your street. Residents in all the roads are invited to a meeting at BEATRIX POTTER SCHOOL ON TUESDAY 2nd OCTOBER AT 8 PM  to address local councillors. You should also contact your local councillors in advance to voice your objections.

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