Cycling Around the Magdalen Estate

it's time to get cycling around Magdalen EstateSince Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been in charge, he’s been very keen indeed to get residents of our fine city on their bikes, peddling their way to work or school, in aid of getting a few cars off the roads, reducing pollution, as well as helping people get fit and reduce their travel costs. For those living in and around the Magdalen Estate, getting started with a bit of cycling couldn’t be easier; with bike shops just down the road stocking great models, who also offer service and repair work for your existing bike, there’s really no excuse. Global Esprit in Earlsfield is a local business, with great staff and a whole host of safety equipment, such as helmets and reflective clothing, to help you be seen on the road. If you’re after a larger store, Evans Cycles has a branch on Wandsworth High Street, a short bus ride from the Magdalen Estate.
Once you’re kitted out, Wandsworth Council can give you advice on how to conduct yourself safely on the road, with information about cycling proficiency courses across London; Martin Andrews is the man to speak to, and he can be reached on 020 8871 6670.
If, like many other people just taking up cycling for the first time, you’re feeling unsure about peddling alone, the cycle to work scheme- for which commuters cycle in one big pack on the road, heading to the city- travels right through Tooting, and can be joined by anyone. So get on your bike- and ride safely!
Bert Naughton

Bert Naughton

A local resident of Wandsworth with an interested in the local community and a mission to explain to all and sundry the correct pronunciation of Magdalen (as in the college).

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