Clapham Junction gets a Makeover

Clapham Junction will be even better for Magdalen Estate residentsWith so many great transport links within easy distance of the Magdalen Estate, some might say we’re spoilt for choice with the ways in which we can travel into central London, and further afield.
Britain’s busiest railway station, Clapham Junction, is one of these aforementioned links, and plans to upgrade and make it even more pleasing for the passenger are now well under way.
The entrance project, which will see the Brighton Yard access point to the station fully functioning, is funded by Network Rail, the Department for Transport, South West Trains, Wandsworth Council and Transport for London. The building plans include installing new ticketing machines, clearer travel information screens and passenger toilets in the new hall, all to be finished by summer 2011. With Network Rail recently revealing an artist’s impression of what the completed work will look like, Wandsworth are looking forward to the improved access the work will bring. Councillor Ravi Govindia, the council’s transport spokesman, told the Wandsworth Guardian, “This project…could ease overcrowding in the subway tunnel by as much as 25 per cent. This will be very welcome news to the thousands of passengers who cram through it everyday on their way to and from work”.
If you’d like to share your thoughts with us about this, or any other issue affecting Magdalen Estate residents, please do get in touch, and one of our team will be on hand to help.
Bert Naughton

Bert Naughton

A local resident of Wandsworth with an interested in the local community and a mission to explain to all and sundry the correct pronunciation of Magdalen (as in the college).

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