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Magdalen Estate on Facebook

Here at Magdalen Estate HQ, we don’t think anyone can argue that we’re in the age where the internet is a ruling power- we use it to communicate, find lost friends and maybe pick up some new ones, search for a service we require, and research any topic or subject about which we may want […]

Children’s Parties around the Magdalen Estate

Here at Magdalen Estate HQ, we’re aware that many of the residents that have settled in the area are families, often with young children, who are looking for great activities to get involved with, and who are also wanting to take advantage of the facilities and entertainment that are on offer around the Magdalen Estate. […]

Removals around the Magdalen Estate

Whether you’re preparing to move to or away from the Magdalen Estate area, there is nothing more comforting than knowing that you’re employing a reliable, safe and efficient removals service to help you transport your most prized possessions from your old home to the new. Man and Vans, based just down the road from the […]

Great Magdalen Estate Publications

Whatever you’re looking for- be it a property, a great way in which to spend your Saturday afternoon with the kids, or a restaurant to really fill your tum with yummy food- there are lots of places you can source the information, most of which are easily found around the Magdalen Estate area. Of course, […]

Extreme Sports around the Magdalen Estate

With so many families around the Magdalen Estate area, chances are that if you’re a local, you’ll have one of your own, and with it some excitable children looking for thrilling ways in which to burn off their inexhaustible supply of energy. Not too far away from your front door are places in which this […]

Empty Spaces around the Magdalen Estate

For people with creative minds living in and around the Magdalen Estate, creating great arts events and experiences for members of the public to enjoy is a necessity. Finding places in which to host these events can be tricky, but in recent months, both Wandsworth and Lambeth borough councils have been working to make empty […]

Sing your Heart Out around the Magdalen Estate

Whatever your age or musical tastes, joining a choir and getting the chance to sing your heart out on a regular basis, in a supportive environment with other like-minded people, can be a wonderful thing. If you’ve lived in the Magdalen Estate area for a while, or perhaps have just moved and are looking for […]

Discover a Hidden London Arts Scene

For those in the know, the undercover arts scene in London hosts a whole variety of innovative, exciting and often astounding events and experiences for the public to enjoy. Whether you live in the Magdalen Estate area or in other parts of London, finding out about said events is perhaps easier than you might imagine, […]

Looking for a Magdalen Estate Property

When looking to rent or buy a property in or around the Magdalen Estate, whether you’ll be living with family, friends or independently, there may be several things that you won’t want to compromise on. Whatever your needs or needs or requirements, the Magdalen Estate team are on hand to help you find your ideal […]

Find out about Magdalen Estate Roadworks

With many of us around the Madgalen Estate choosing to drive in order to get from A to B, it’s always useful to find out about any roadworks or congestion that could cause a delay to your journey, before you set off. With London preparing for the Olympics, a lot of changes and improvements are […]