Robert Laughton

Robert Laughton

Robert Laughton is a local resident of Wandsworth with an interested in the local community and a mission to explain to all and sundry the correct pronunciation of Magdalen (as in the college).

Free Stuff Around the Magdalen Estate

Imagine this: a world where people gave away things that they didn’t want or need any longer, to people who would have a use for them, on the condition that the item could be collected. Everyone’s happy: the giver has been rid of the unwanted article, and the receiver gets something for nothing, possibly something […]

Summer fun around Magdalen Estate

With the summer months now in full swing, and with everyone across the UK- not just those living in and around the Magdalen Estate-hoping for beautiful weather for the entirety of the season, there is a greater demand for activities that allow for making the most of the great outdoors. In close vicinity to the […]

Keeping Fit Around the Magdalen Estate

There are lots of reasons for us to be keen to rile up the residents of the Magdalen Estate, and encourage everyone to get fit for summer. Not only does doing more exercise give you more energy and help build up a sense of well-being, but with so many great sporting options in the local […]

Cycling Around the Magdalen Estate

Since Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been in charge, he’s been very keen indeed to get residents of our fine city on their bikes, peddling their way to work or school, in aid of getting a few cars off the roads, reducing pollution, as well as helping people get fit and reduce their travel […]

Summer Playschemes around the Magdalen Estate

School’s out for summer, which doesn’t necessarily mean that Mum and Dad are on holiday too….but it does mean that you may be keen to find some lovely activities for your children to participate in, to keep them occupied, help to make some new friends, and also keep your mind at rest that they’re doing […]

Healthcare around the Magdalen Estate

If you are relocating to the Magdalen Estate, or perhaps have already moved in, there is something comforting about knowing that if you or your family are feeling a little under the weather, good healthcare (whatever your ailment) is not too far away. St George’s Hospital in Tooting, with an entrance just off Garratt Lane, […]

Supper Clubs Local to the Magdalen Estate

There is nothing better than settling down to a lovely home cooked meal, being with old friends, and having a great, relaxing evening- particularly if you get restaurant-style service, and you’re not responsible for any of the clearing up post-dinner. The Supper Club craze is fast spreading around London- a chance for diners to devour […]

Annual Open House for Local Artists

One of the things we love the most about The Magdalen Estate area is the local talent that lays hidden within it, ready to be discovered. Even with the year just beginning, and the weather remaining chilly, we still have the annual Wandsworth Artists’ Open House weekend to look forward to, a chance for talented […]

A History of Wandsworth Common

Whilst we, the good people of the Magdalen Estate, spend many a happy day enjoying the space and facilities that Wandsworth Common provides for us, we are blissfully unaware of the huge amount of history that surrounds it, that has shaped the common we can all appreciate today. Way back in the 11th Century, Wandsworth […]

Lyford Road by Charles Voysey

A favourite of ours – and a featured property for today is a rare and special detached villa, designed by the world famous Arts and Crafts master architect Charles Voysey in 1903. Apart from rumours of Sophie Dahl we don’t know much about the owners but walk past in awe and jealousy most weekends. The […]